Thursday, March 5, 2015

The new kitchen

here is the new kitchen! I am so happy with the way it turned out. 

here's some side by side shots of the old and new, so you can see the differences....

old...                           new....

old.....                       new....

this is the wall we took down in between the living room and kitchen. it has really opened up the space! 
 and by taking out the wall,the peninsula, and its upper cabinets, we could add an island. 

 old.....                     new....

old....                     new....

our old kitchen just felt like a cave. the white cabinets make the space feel airy and bright. and with the wall down, we have tons more natural light, too.

old....                      new...

we decided to take out the drop down ceiling, and take the upper cabinets all the way to the ceiling for two reasons. one, i wanted another shelf in each cabinet for storage. and secondly, i knew it would give the room height, and feel bigger than it is.

our cabinets are from Kemper. the color is alabaster, with a barnwood glaze.

we are keeping the stove and fridge for now. they are older, but they work perfectly fine. when it's time to replace them, ill get stainless steel. the microwave, and dishwasher are new. the old kitchen didn't have room for a dishwasher. i haven't had one in 17 years! thats a long time to have dishpan hands! :)

for flooring we wanted wood. and i loVe it! i went with a medium oak color. i wanted darker, but decided against it. i didn't want something that would show every little speck of dirt. this flooring shows some, but it hasn't been a problem. 

the countertops are quartz. 
   the color is wild rice.

they're so easy to keep clean.
            and the shine! 
        oh, how i love the shine!

we painted all the wood trim white in the living, dining, and kitchen areas. (the built in cabinet in the back will be getting painted this spring, but i wanted to do it as a project by myself. plus, we were sick of painting!)

the backsplash is 3x6 white beveled subway tile. it also catches the light from all directions, and has a crisp clean feel.

the island has added a ton of storage space for me, and what a work space! we added extra outlets, too. i used to only have room for 4 things to be plugged in, now i have room for 10!

lighting was fun to pick. i shopped online a lot.

i went with brushed nickel for all lighting.
i was so sick of gold. 

i have not picked any window treatments yet, other than the cordless shades i ordered. but those will be figured out soon.

our next project is the front foyer and stairs. wait til you see that hot mess of a floor!lol
 thanks for stopping by!!