Wednesday, September 30, 2015

simplified fall decor for 2015

where has summer gone?!

things are busy here on the home front. its been hard to find time to work on house projects that need done.

here's a perfect example, the garden before and after back in august....
it needed some serious attention!

even tho life is flying by, i was able to change up my decor to a fall look!

i kept things simplified this time around.
our small house just feels bigger if i don't have so much stuff sitting around.

i got this candle at hartville hardware. i couldn't pass it up, it's perfect for fall!

the rest of the living room hasn't changed. we are in the process of finding new furniture for this room.

we are still just in awe of the renovation. the layout just makes everything seem so much easier. we can actually have more than two people in the kitchen at one time!

this is above the fridge..

i changed out the blue tray that usually sits on the island for this wooden one. i'll use this for fall and thru christmas.

i washed and put away my blue rugs, and went with neutral ones for now. and i'll keep these out thru christmas too..

i've been using some of mrs. meyers products in the kitchen. i really like the dishwashing soap, and hand soaps. 

the china cabinet was a little harder to switch away from the blues because there is so much of it. i just took some of the blue dishes out and stored them in the lower part of the china cabinet.

i went with more neutral pumpkins..

this is the shelf over the sliding glass door..

so thats it for fall! hope you enjoyed looking around!