Monday, May 15, 2017

making comforters with cousins!

Cousins Wendy and Carrie

I was going through photo files on my computer, and found these! I completely forgot to post about the day we made comforters with a few of our cousins back in January. (or Feb.,I didn't have them dated.)

 Some of our cousin's had said they'd love to learn how to make the homemade comforters.
And my sister Susie and I kept promising we'd show them.

While on a cousin shopping trip in October, we decided that we would for sure make blankets after Christmas. Only two girls were interested at this time, cousin Wendy, and cousin Carrie, but that was ok. We set the date!

We met a few weeks before the set date to help them pick out their fabrics, batting, and yarns. Of course we had to do dinner out too!

My mom, a.k.a. Aunt Mary, and Cousin Wendy

Wendy had made comforters before, so she knew some, but she said it had been a while. And Carrie was a newbie to our Mennonite/Amish ways.

We started with a baby size. We taught them how to pin to the quilt rack, knot placement, and how to roll the bars. These gals jumped right in!

While we were doing that, Susie was teaching Carrie's daughter Mikayla, the basics of her new sewing machine.

 Mikayla wanted to learn some basic stuff. So Susie showed her how to make a basic tote bag, and small makeup bags. She is such a sweet girl!

My mom was the one designated to sew the comforters closed. She relaxed until we had the first one knotted. 

Mom helped knot on the big one.

This is Carrie's blanket! I LOVE the grey with the pop of blue yarn! So pretty!

I really enjoyed this day with my family. I kept thinking, i'll bet grandma would be so proud to see us making blankets on her old quilt rack. A tradition that was handed down from her. And she was taught by her mother and grandmother. 

I always teasingly say if your Amish or Mennonite, there wont be any gorgeous jewelry
handed down through the generations.
But what has been passed on to me is worth so much more! This is the good stuff people!

Have a great day!